Kate Arnold offers Sauvignon Blanc from California, Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and soon-to-be Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington state. Kate Arnold wines are produced from growing regions that promote the most long-term, sustainable grape sourcing to enhance the quality of each wine. Each wine is made by a different winemaker who has a passion and demonstrated excellence for a particular varietal.

Family & Farmers, producer of Kate Arnold Wines, is owned by Jean Arnold, a three-decade wine industry veteran. Jean creates relationships with grape growers who want to diversify their client base to include smaller, family-owned companies like Family & Farmers. These grower relationships are the key to quality winemaking.



The inaugural vintage of Kate Arnold Willamette Valley Pinot Noir offers big, round fruit with a flavor profile consisting of cinnamon, plum, vanilla, and cherry in a harmonious combination.

Our sourcing for our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir consists of three different vineyards, two of which are warmer climate vineyards contributing a softness to the overall taste profile of the wine. Our third vineyards with its’ cold climate balances the roundness with an approachable, friendly acid structure. Only 100% Pinot Noir for us!



With a taste profile of bountiful citrus balanced by tropical undertones our Sauvignon Blanc offers soft, juicy grapefruit flavors with slight lime and fig flavors. The structure of the wine is focused with an approachable crispness, softer mouthfeel, and clean finish.

Our sourcing for our California Sauvignon Blanc is primarily Lake County, a premier growing area for this versatile varietal grape. The Lake County sourcing adds the grapefruit and acid with the Lodi sourcing complementing the blend with its contribution of tropical undertones and mouthfeel. As a final complement, we source some of the wine from Monterey to provide a nuanced, herbaceous qualities.